Our Story

My husband Francisco and I opened Seattle Asbestos of Washington in 2016.

We have been open for six years and counting, but we continue to love going to work each and every day.

But first, let me share a bit of background about our family. We met in 2008, and it sparked right away. We started our own family, and we have two beautiful children, Penelope and Piper.

Our first, Penelope, is ten years old, and Piper is eight. They are the light of our lives.

I worked with Francisco part-time within another company when we first met. From there, I became very interested in the process of removing asbestos, going to different cities, and meeting new people. I love that there’s always something new to see and learn in this line of business.

We enjoy seeing how different places have distinct characteristics and personalities, whether a house, a convenience store, or a commercial office. We particularly love hearing about the stories behind these beautiful buildings.

Our company, Seattle Asbestos of Washington, removes asbestos in a timely fashion and safely disposes of the toxic material after we complete the job. In addition, we only work with licensed professionals who constantly undergo training to upgrade and update their skills to meet—and even surpass—industry standards.

In short, we are a small family-based business that started—as weird as it sounds–because of the love of removing asbestos.

We wanted you to know about our small family and how it relates to our business.

Hopefully, it will tell you something about how passionate we are about our job and how we treat our clients.

While we have grown exponentially over the years and gained plenty of clients along the way, our principles and values are rooted down to a single word: family.

Getting the news that there're harmful fibers in your home can trigger a lot of anxiety. Finding the team that has your family's safety in mind is one that can relieve some stress.

Client Testimonials

"Where do I start?!!! Kimberly and her crew are nothing short of awesome. I had a short turn around time to have mastic removed from my 1927 home and they more than delivered for me. The attention to detail, cleanliness, and most importantly safety was nothing short of perfection. Delivered on time and was reasonably priced was the icing on the cake!! I cannot say enough about this company. Thank you thank you thank you"
Robbie Z.
Seattle, WA
"Super amazing crew and owners! They really cared about providing the best service at the most compelling price. I highly recommend them and will hire them for future jobs."
Alireza V.
Redmond, WA
"Kim and her team did a great job removing 1300 sq ft of our popcorn ceiling that contained asbestos. They were careful to not contaminate areas of my house that did not have the popcorn ceiling. It took them 3 days from start to finish. I highly recommend them!"
Noelle V.
Shoreline, WA