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If your house is built between the 1940s and 1970s, chances are that you might be breathing deadly asbestos even as you read this.

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Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend this company! I needed to have asbestos removed prior to demolishing a house. It was a frustrating expense given that the house was being torn down. These guys had by far the best rate, Tina was incredibly responsive and accommodating, and the crew that did the work was friendly. They came when they said they would and finished right on time. I wish I didn't need to hire an asbestos abatement company, but since I did, I'm sure glad I chose this one."
Lynne M.
Seattle, WA
"I'd recommend Seattle Asbestos of Washington as they have done a great job in our asbestos removal project. Kimberly always has a fast and patient response for my tons of questions throughout the project. The crews came to our place (Isaac Avalos , Emilio Carreno and Jesus) also did a good job. They came in to do the prepare job on Friday and were scheduled to come on Monday. We requested if they can finish the work in weekend days and they came on next day early morning and completed the job that day nice and clean. Thanks for your awesome job!"
Luo B.
Seattle, WA
"We had a great experience working with Seattle Asbestos of Washington to remove Popcorn Ceiling and Vinyl Flooring from our new (old) home, both of which contained friable asbestos. The total removal was about 1,300 sqft, they started prepping Wednesday evening and we received the lab clearance results Friday afternoon. I couldn't be happier working with Tina and Kimberly. Tina did all the scheduling, estimating, and communications while Kimberly managed the on-site project. Tina was very helpful in the planning and estimating phase, even working during her vacation to make sure we could complete the project within our tight timeline! We were able to make adjustments to the planned work to be within our budget (they allowed me to do some minor prep work like pulling up floating floors). Kimberly and her removal team completed the job faster than expected and the results were fantastic. I would highly recommend working with Seattle Asbestos of Washington."
David C.
Shoreline, WA