Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

We do not refund payments made for asbestos removal. Once we have removed the asbestos our scope of work is complete. We cannot replace items such as light fixtures or doors that we need to remove during the removal process. We do not guarantee that the walls will not have small damage along the line of the duct tape we are required to use for holding up our containment. We also have to use water in the removal process as required by state regulations. There is a small chance that water can leak behind the duct tape onto the wall (In very few cases). We guarantee to remove all asbestos in the scope of work agreed on prior to starting the removal. If you are unhappy with the removal, we are more than happy to work with you on moving forward in the removal process. For the scope of work please read the proposal we sent you prior to starting the removal.

Payment Policy

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders.
Your payment is due no later than thirty days after the time of service. Balances over thirty days will be subject to interest charges of 15 percent per month (18% per annual). Returned checks will be charged a $35.00 handling fee.

Cancellation policy

We ask that you give us adequate time for cancellations. We are busy with this hazardous work we do and would love to make sure we use our time wisely. If you need to cancel please give us at least 72 hours notice in advance so that we may schedule another homeowner in need of removal.

We are happy to help in any way we can if you have questions about our conditions and policies or about our refund policy please call our office at 425-362-3484